Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some fashion shoot photos from my day job - Moth and Vertigo

This is a shoot I did a while ago, but just got hold of the photos recently. It was a fun plus the make up was fairly tribal and I love painting the body.

The body paint I used was by MAC.

Photos By Ninelle Efremova. Styling Claudia Behnke


  1. Great shoot! What kind of brushes did you use to apply the body paint?

  2. Thanks! I used my normal make up brushes - lots were from Screenface and Crown Brushes and were mostly for concealer. A mix of real hair and nylon with flat edge.

  3. Wow! Haven't seen it done in this way before which is fabulously effective. Really lends itself to the style - and a far cry from the all-over body paint which looks 'oily'.