Monday, 28 May 2012

BB Creams, What Are They and Why You Don't Need Them

Some time ago the beauty world was buzzing with the new breakthrough in make up, aka the "blemish balm" (blemish base) or BB creams. Garnier seems to be at the forefront of the game in this country and they also brought the oil free version not long ago. It was also only a matter of time for the other companies to join.

So what it is supposed to do, this cream?

Apparently it gives coverage, evens out the skin, illuminates, provides SPF protection and speaks five languages while at the same time ironing your clothes and doing the food shopping online. Ok, I'm kidding, but you get the picture.

My opinion? Save your money. Why, you say, as such product is supposed to be good and kill a few birds with one stone?

Here's my opinion, you may like it or not.

1. The coverage is not good, it covers just like a tinted moisturiser. If your skin is not flawless you'll still need concealer. If your skin is flawless then why bother with BB cream anyway?

2. The shades are limited, mainly light, medium and dark. We all know how "lovely" those high street shades can be. Orange or pink anyone?

3. They can be a bit on a greasy side.

4. The "glow" can be a bit too shiny.

5. Too many ingredients mean too easy to get an irritation as it's more difficult to know what's for what.

My suggestion: get a good SPF moisturiser. A proper one WITH skincare benefits. It should leave your skin silky and not oily.

Get yourself a MAC Strobe Cream. It doesn't shimmer, but it has skin brightening agents that make your skin look fabulous. It just works.

Whether you decide to proceed to the next step or not is up to you.... Next is a tinted moisturiser if you want some colour and coverage. And that's it!

Yes I know, it's buying more products... But, they will last three times as long as one cream will and you'll get tailor made products that actually work and not a substandard "jump on a bandwagon and let's make some cash as everyone is doing it" cream.

And remember the two in one shampoo and conditioner.... do you actually still use it?

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