Thursday, 26 April 2012

This season I'll be mostly wearing... Lips And Ponytails

Unless you just got back from Mars expedition (so how was it?) you probably noticed that lipsticks are the new black. The trend’s been brewing for  a few seasons and it kind of got established that we are wearing more and more lipstick on a day to day basis. And not just the “nude” variety or the barely there lip gloss. But full on, in yer face, brights.

And red is the mama of those brights.

What used to be the reserve of those special occasions where it was the night only, canapés and champagne kind of evening out, now the red has moved up to the day wear as well.

And us women are loving it. You can call it the “Mad Men” effect or whatever you like, we are embracing the new trend like never before. Ruby Woo is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks, especially in trend setting London.

As much as I like the MAC favourite, I’d probably go for something more bling-tastic for a statement lipstick.

Aptly named “Rouge Passion” by Sisley is a great colour and texture in a very nice packaging. Or if I died and came back as a lipstick, I’d probably want to be Chanel Rouge Allure in La Fascinate.
Both of these are very make up bag friendly. Oh and you’ll need to retouch your red lips a lot. And I mean it when I say a lot.

No point for going for one of those stay on forever formula (as if), you do want to show off your lipstick! 

Team up your lipstick with tight ponytail. It provides an instant face lift and as an added bonus, it keeps the hair off the face.

 After all, you don’t want to ruin your red lipstick!


  1. good tips, real potential here. needs more pictures tho...

    1. Thank you! I'm ten days old, so please give me time :)

  2. Great column! Love the humour - and the tips. Talking about tips - got any for a middle aged has-been looking for a revival? Got rather stuck in the bronzing, blue-eyeshadow trap.

    1. Yes keep reading, something will come up soon! Thanks a lot