Monday, 16 April 2012

Bridal make up Q & As

The season of weddings is almost upon us so I thought I'd post some questions that I've answered not so long ago. Some googling brides to be might find them useful. Enjoy :)

What one piece of make up advice would you give to a bride preparing for her big day?

     Book a professional make up artist in advance and do the make up trial. Even if you’re really good at doing your make up, the pro will be there on hand to help you with some new tricks of the trade and make the day less stressful for you. Make sure you test the make up in the natural light and on camera before you agree on the look.

How should your wedding day make up differ from your day to day look?

     Your make up needs to look timeless, be suitable for the occasion, look good in real life and on camera and, of course, last all day. You need to look like you, just fresher and glowing. You probably won’t spend much time every morning doing your make up but on your wedding day it really pays to spend more time on make up so it withstands the assault of the relatives wishing you good luck! Good professional make up artist will layer the make up carefully so you won’t really need to do any retouching during the day.


What one beauty product can a bride not do without and why?

      If you’re likely to get emotional on your wedding day then waterproof mascara is a must.

How can you adapt this seasons  makeup trends into your wedding day look?

         This is one of the occasions when trends should take a back seat. You really want to look timeless so when you look at the photos 20 years from now on, you don’t want to cringe. By all means take some inspiration from the current trends which are awash with pastels, but pick just one, like coral blush and leave the rest for some other time.

What is the most common makeup mistake brides tend to make on their wedding day?

          Too many mistakes to mention! Orange fake tan is really unnecessary, just pick a dress that flatters your complexion as it is. False drag queen lashes, yes I’ve seen them on brides…. If you want more lashes, individual lashes are the best way to go. Weird eyebrows. Too much make up applied badly,… of course this can be said for any make up occasion, not just a wedding.

What prep can you do in the lead up to the big day to make sure you’re looking your best (skincare, treatments) etc?

         You should start preparing your skin as early as possible, so get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water. Any new beauty treatments should be tried one month before rather than a day before the wedding – we all remember that scene from Sex and the City when Samantha had a acid peel too late – you don’t want the same thing to happen to you! If you decide to try acid peel, mesotherapy etc, you should do it at least one month before so the skin has enough time to recover. Otherwise, moisturise daily, use facial and body scrub twice of three times a week (depending on your skin type). One point to remember is your eyebrows – if they are overplucked then leave them to grow and have them done one day before the wedding.


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