Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Ingredient Of The Week - MSM (Sulphur)

I was told to try and make my articles shorter for those of short attention span and busy people who hate sitting and reading with a dictionary… so this is my short attempt to write about a really major mineral that is incredibly important!

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring nutrient found in normal human diets. MSM is an organic form of sulphur and it forms compounds in body with potassium, selenium, sodium and magnesium. Sulphur compounds are found everywhere in the body where they play an important role in many organs and systems. Many amino acids that build proteins have sulphur in their compounds.

So how can sulphur in topical skincare help?

Well, we already established that sulphur compounds are everywhere, and our body uses MSM to build new cells.
Without proper levels of MSM present, our body is unable to create new healthy cells and this leads to loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dry skin, allergic reactions and scar tissues.  
With ageing the levels decrease… as with everything else by the looks of things.

So it’s only natural to use MSM in our skincare. It’s been proven to help in acne and rosacea, it makes the hair shiny and nails strong. We could also do with a supplement, especially some of us that don’t consume enough eggs, meat and poultry.

Now we come to Oskia skincare that makes MSM one of the key ingredients in their range. It’s quite rare that the entire cosmetics line focuses so much on MSM so of course I got interested.  Usually it will be added in some products, especially ones aimed at acne sufferers or oily hair.

I got across Oskia range when I was googling about sulphur and their website popped up, I got curious and asked to try some products.
As I don’t do reviews I won’t go on how my skin liked it, but as a range I like the no nonsense approach with clearly listed ingredients and no useless fillers or made up actives.

The packaging tells you exactly what the key players are in the product that you’re paying for, which to me goes hand in hand with my philosophy of educating people about the ingredients. Plus I can’t see any parabens in it, so perfect for paraben-phobic and I especially like it as no silicones!

I think the range is definitely worth trying. I could not find anything I would actually omit from my moisturiser if I were to make it (I tried Oskia moisturiser), plus the benefit of MSM, vitamin E and milk peptides make it really good in my eyes.

What do you think?


  1. Nice post, and we love OSKIA! They won Best British Skincare Brand 2012 in our Beauty Shortlist Awards and in addition to the MSM, they have some really cutting edge (naturally derived) ingredients.

    Their formulas are intelligent and quite different. Definitely recommend their Get Up & Glow "serum" for instant and longer term radiance and their Renaissance Mask is pretty close to magical.

    Great blog post as MSM is still something of a mystery to a lot of beauty consumers.

    Fiona, Editor - The Beauty Shortlist

    1. That's great to hear that they won as I like the product and the concept. Glad you like the post, my aim is to educate the public about ingredients!