Thursday, 10 May 2012

On My Wish List... Thakoon for Nars

I probably belong to a tiny minority of women who is not into nails. Seriously, everyone I know is obsessed and the nail bars are popping left, right and centre! 
For me, nails tend to get in the way of doing things, so I like to keep them short and clean (some of the time).

But I'm a sucker for colour, so when I spotted these, it was like, oh my god, I must have!!! In all fairness, I'd be probably the same if the object in question was an eyeshadow or a lipstick. Weird, bright, unexpected colour for the purpose? Yup, sign me up!

I like Nars anyway, but their collaboration with fashion designer Thakoon has given us these yummy shades of Indian markets. 
I want the bright yellow one (Amchoor) and the pale blue (Koliary).
It screams summer, even though the weather outside doesn't.... 

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